Patravadi Announces October Arts Camp for Children

October 10 to 17 will see a week-long residential Arts Camp on the campus of the Patravadi High School and Vic Hua Hin Theatre. The October Arts Camp aims to have students develop a creative  and assertive discipline along with strong physical health.

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Minimum age to enroll is 5 years. Students will be divided into three groups, by age: 5-6 year-olds, 7-11 years old, and 12 and over. Students will receive instruction in areas of breath control, voice projection, body movement, acting, blocking, singing, acrobatics, and showmanship.

Kru Patravadi sets a very high standard, and parents can be assured the their children will receive top-notch training. Her special skill is to get the very best out of young people.

Students will be boarded in the Patravadi High School dormitories, and must follow basic rules for dress and behavior. The fee for the week-long program, including meals and board, is 15,000 baht per student.  To enroll your child in this wonderful program, contact Miss Pinyada Puthom or Patravadi Mejudhon at Vic Hua Hin. Tel 032-827815, fax: 032-537039, Mobile: 08 89-2550002, Email:


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