Jazz at Baan Sri Kaow Restaurant

On Saturday, 02 October, Baan Sri Kaow Restaurant on Petchkasem Road between Sois 77 and 79 (very close to the Intercontinental Hotel), hosted a lovely ‘jazz dinner’. Here are some pictures from the affair.

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Baan Sri Kaow (The White House) is located in what is reputedly the oldest house (140 years) still standing in Hua Hin. I don’t know who lived here (this was well before Hua Hin emerged as a resort), but from all indications they lived well. The house is roomy and open, with an elegant distribution of space and the kind of air circulation that makes Thailand’s climate benign. Owing to the threat of rain, there was limited use of the rear garden, but it’s easy to see that that leafy space will be an asset for future events.

The musical presentation was a band of four high-level music professionals from Bangkok, performing tasteful jazz standards. Vocals by Miss Sirinporn Kristarnin (Quan) showed impeccable intonation and interpretation as well as a charming stage presence. Mr. Sompop Puengpreeda (Moo) (piano) and Mr. Praset Kanmotharn (Kenny) (string bass) were the backbone of the rhythm. I have to mention that the instrument that Mr. Kenny plays is quite lovely, a full-size upright sold-body electric string bass made by Ned Steinberger (famous in the 1980s for his innovative graphite-body guitars) in the US. Beautiful to look at and beautiful to listen to. The final element of the band is the trumpet of Mr. Kriankrai Santipojana (Platong, or ‘Goldfish’), which is melodious and full-toned in the vein of Chet Baker or classic-period Miles Davis. Mr. PlaTong is very active in the Bangkok scene, and you can learn more about his activites at his website, www.plajazz.com.

Baan Sri Kaow’s set menu dinner formed a lovely accompaniment to the music and atmosphere, making for an elegant and satisfying evening. The management has promised to hold similar music evenings at least once a month, making for a pleasant addition to Hua Hin’s music scene.

For more information on Baan Sri Kaow Restaurant and upcoming events, visit their website at http://baansrikaow.com.


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