Hua Hin Artists’ Exhibition in Bangkok

Since 16 September, and continuing through October, nine of Hua Hin’s finest artists are showing their work in a special exhibition in the lobby of the SCB Bank headquarters in central Bangkok.

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The nine, including Hua Hin’s most prominent artist Tawee Kesa-Ngam (ทวี  เกษางาม) are all associated with the Baan Sillapin Artists’ Village on Route 3218 (the Pala-U Road) in Hin Lek Fai district in the hills above Hua Hin (watch for it on the the right 1 kilometer after you crest the hill).

The exhibition was inaugurated with a gala ceremony on Thursday 16 September, presided over by Mr. Suwat  Liptanlop (สุวัจน์ ลิปพัลลภ),  former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand and the owner of the Intercontinental Hotel in Hua Hin. Khun Suwat is an avid patron of the arts in Hua Hin and through his hotel has sponsored many recent events, including the 2010 Jazz Festival. The opening was attended by many dignitaries of Hua Hin, Bangkok, and the Thai government, with jazz music by our own Hua Hin Ensemble. Truly a  star-studded event, and a great recognition and honor for our local artists.

Tawee Kesa-Ngam

ทวี  เกษางาม

Chumaporn Seneeyuth

ชุมาพร  เสนียุทธ์

Varongsan Latthi

วรงศัลย์  ลัทธิ

Warapol Moonbanjoong

วรพล  มูลบรรจง

Wanwimol (Nang) Kesa-ngam

วรรณวิมล  เกษางาม

Virapong Mongkol

วิระพงษ์ มงคล

Suphasutha Moonbanjoong

ศุภสุตา  มูลบรรจง

Wetchayan Unhasawan

เวชยันต์ อุณหสุวรรณ

Chaleaw Mongkol

เฉลียว  มงคล


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