This Week in Hua Hin (21-28 Oct.)

It’s time for another big multi-topic post (4 separate stories, keep on reading), to report what we’ve seen this week and give you some ideas how you might like to spend your time in the days ahead.

1. Report: Debut Jam Session at Chez LouLou

Despite the threat of rain (and a busted keyboard), we had a fine time at LouLou’s opening session for the season. Here’s a slideshow of the jam and other images for this week:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In many ways, we enjoy these early-season shows the most. The crowds are not as large as they’ll be later, and folks are very supportive. The musicians are usually playing from their hearts and there’s not as much of a “mob scene” on stage.  Plus we get more chance to play with our Thai friends in the Hua Hin Ensemble. They have really gotten to be a very good band.

This year, we’ve had very nice participation from our  friend Nissa from Baan Chang in Cha-Am. He’s a supreme musician and a real showman. His presence is making a big difference. Another friend we’re always glad to see is Mr. Uri from Scotland. He comes later in the evening, after finishing his show at Coco 51 and always kicks the energy way up. And also “Gospel John” from the UK made a big contribution this evening, as well as at Ray’s on Monday.

So now we’re up to two sessions each week, soon to be three when Baan Chang kicks off on 7 November. Mr Ray is promising us a Jazz Train some time in November, and no doubt Thursday nights will be added within a few weeks. Get out and enjoy our unique jam culture here in Hua Hin!

2. Report: Bintabaht Music

A few nights back, we had a little stroll around the “entertainment” district on Soi Bintabaht and surrounding blocks. It’s hard to maintain a music guide  for this area because venues keep shifting. One place will add live music, just as another lets their band go. Or closes and reopens with a new name. And sometimes there’s a show somewhere that seems to happen only for that night.

As of this week, there are three clubs that feature bands nightly, plus one lively DJ show. The London Bar  (1 below) and Marina Bar (2) on Poolsuk Road, as well as Jimmy Bar (3)on Soi Bintabaht itself all have quite creditable pop-rock bands. Of course, these shows are or fun and the encouragement of drinking, so don’t expect anything too profound. We did see Mr. Uan of the Hua Hin Ensemble, who is as fine a drummer as you could  ever want.

On the map above “A” indicates the central intersection. Sorry about the Thai street names. Google Maps won’t let us change them 😦

While not technically “live”, a very lively show can be enjoyed most nights at Lucky Luke’s (4), on the corner where Soi Bintabaht meets Poolsuk Road. The owner/DJ there loves to work up the crowd with his excellent selection of tunes and spirited interjections.

And of course, the very best band in the area is the Stone Band (or Stoned Band depending on preference) at the very non-girlie El Murphy’s (5) at the “Soi Selakam Junction”. These guys are just straightaway the best classic rock band in Hua Hin.

Another place to watch, although they’re not having shows at the moment, is the Bentho Bar (6) on Soi Selakam. Last year, they frequently hosted some very fine artists. Probably will kick off in another month or so.

3. Report: Vic Arts Camp, Final Show

As we’ve been telling you (What’s a Mother to Do? The Week of October 14-20), the Vic Hua Hin hosted a wonderful October Arts Camp for children last week. We were able to attend the final show, and can report that it was simply adorable.

Parents and children alike were all beaming ear-to-ear, and it’s clear that these luck kids have had a wonderful experience, one that is likely to affect their entire lives. When you have the chance, get out and support Kru Lek Patravadi and the amazing things she is doing at the Vic Hua Hin and Patravadi High School.

4. This Weekend and the Week Ahead

This will be another little experiment, to recommend what we think are the best bets over the next few days.

Friday the 22nd

The “special show” for this night is Andy Martin at Souay Vista Social Club (See the full post here). This will be a rare opportunity to hear authentic acoustic blues music in our fair city.

Saturday the 23rd

‘Kha Taa Thap (In Between)’ at Vic Hua Hin is a little gem of a show that’s been under-publicized. Really good fun and very much worth taking in. You can read more about it in Hot Tickets here.

Cicada Market continues their elimination rounds in Street Dance Competition 2010. Hopefully, we won’t be troubled with the rain that spoiled last week’s opening round. Probably will mean that many more teams this week. Exciting, and Cicada is just the place to be on Saturday evening.

You could also hit the 1-Year Celebration over at Plearnwan. More about that in Hot Tickets also. (By now you should be getting the idea that Hot Tickets is the page to watch!)

Sunday the 24th

A more or less fallow day. You could go to Cicada Market in the early evening to hear jazz and browse the shops. Or you could take in any number of art galleries around town. Up to you.

Monday the 25th

We’ll be enjoying another Jam Session at Ray’s Place tonight, the 5th in our season so far. Boy, time does fly when you’re having fun.

Tuesday the 26th

Where do these events come from? Out of the blue, we have the Biggles Big Band from Netherlands performing classic swing and songs of Frank Sinatra at Municipal Park. The show starts at 6pm.

Wednesday the 27th

Reprising last night, we can enjoy the Biggles Big Band at Municipal Park. And/or (the venues are one block apart), you can take in the  Jam Session at Chez LouLou. Biggles at 6pm, LouLou’s 8 pm to 11 pm. A full evening if ever there was one.

Thursday the 28th

Nothing so special on. May be a good day to catch the excellent dinner theatre at SASI Restaurant. It really is quite impressive. Or you could hit some of the many nightly music venues listed in our “Eight Days a Week” section.

And then it all starts up again….See you next week and around town!


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