Holiday Festival at the “19 Rai”

According to posters that have recently appeared all over town, there will be a 9 day festival of food, drink, and entertainment at the ‘fairgrounds‘ across from the Imperial Hotel on the beach between Sois 19 and 35, just to the north of the King’s palace.

This area has formerly been known as the “19 Rai”. For some reason, posters for the current event refer to it only by it’s location in front of the Imperial. We’ll try to find out what this is about.

Festivities will begin on the King’s Birthday, Sunday 5 December, and continue through Tuesday 14 December, with free admission. There’s entertainment scheduled every night, but just now we can’t make out the listings, which are given in Thai only. We’ll flesh out the schedule as we get help with translation.

Attendees should expect lots of options for food, as well as ample supplies of beer. It’s not know whether beer will be served on the King’s Birthday, though. Normally, this is a no-no.  There will almost certainly be a merchandise mart with bargains available on various goods and a ‘fair’ section with carnival rides and games.

It’s all good fun. Head down there with your mates on at least one of the nights. With a run of more than a week, you don’t have many excuses!


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