Happy New Years! Hua Hin Arts Guide will go to sleep now…

Hi  everyone. I hope you have had and will have a wonderful New Year’s and a great, great year in 2011. It’s with highlly mixed feelings that I have to say “arrivederci” for the Hua Hin Arts Guide.

Developments in my own artistic life have led to a terrific opportunity for me to compose and perform original music, and I’m throwing myself in wholeheartedly. I no longer will have the time available to gather the information and update the site on any kind of regular basis. I may be able to post from time to time, but I cannot ensure that the listings stay up to date. I have to say, it’s taken up much more than I would have thought when I started

I would love to see the Arts Guide carry on, though. If there’s anyone out there who would like to take on the job of mainting the site and its listings, please feel free to contact me at gary@huahinartsguide.com. I will be happy to hand it off to any motivated person.

Looking ahead, in 2011 there are a few events you should be looking forward to:

* Fringe Festival at Vic Hua Hin, weekends in February. The exact program is not yet available. Watch http://vichuahin.com

* Summer Music School final concerts at Dusit Thani in April. See recent post for the specifics.

* 10th Hua Hin International Jazz Festival in June. The festival has had its ups and downs, but last year’s was very good with banner names such as Lee Ritenour. We can hope for a continuing upward curve.

* Any show at Vic Hua Hin on a Saturday night.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!
Gary Hall, the Hua Hin Arts Guide


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