Read It Here First! 2011 Fringe Festival

Hi. As promised, I haven’t been maintaining the daily listings on the site because of conflicting demands on my time. But I do want to keep up with major announcements and special arts events. So from here on in, this site will function as more of a conventional blog as less as a listing service. I’ll go ahead and take down the ‘weekly’ lists and leave the reference listings under  for now. Be aware, though, that they’re a bit stale and will get more so with time.

But I definitely wanted to give you the information I just got from Patravadi Theatre and Vic Hua Hin regarding the Fringe Festival 2011. As you may remember, the 2010 Fringe Festival was held entirely at Vic Hua Hin. This year, the events will be split between the Vic here in Hua Hin and the original Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok. If you’ve not visited Patravadi Theatre, it’s highly recommended. It’s recognizably the Vic’s cousin, but much more compact and ‘settled in’, with beautiful gardens and statuary everywhere. Really lovely and in a very nice location in an authentic neighborhood on the Chao Praya river on the Thonburi side, right across from the Royal Palace.

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I’ll be posting the tentative festival program in the next day or two.  There’s not a lot of information available as yet on the individual shows, but I’ll most that as I get it. Stayed tuned, and thanks for your support!


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