Classical Symphony and Chamber Music at Dusit Resort, April 5-8

Now comes that very fine time of the year, when we get to enjoy some of the very best classical music Thailand has to offer. And we don’t even have to pay for it!

Every year at this time, the prestigious Silpakorn University Faculty of Music holds a week-long Summer Music School at its Phetchaburi Campus (otherwise not used for music). The event has become quite the thing for aspiring classical musicians, with a intense competition for approximately 80 seats. I’m told that nearly a thousand audition for the chance to participate!

The winners get to spend the week intensively honing their craft under tutelage of Silpakorn faculty and guest artists including conductor Hikotaro Yazaki from Japan.

And they get to engage in yet more competitive auditions to win the coveted chair of soloist in the final concerts, and to have their original composition recognized and performed in public.

The programs are not yet available for Tuesday and Wednesday’s shows, but the gala orchestral show on Friday will include:

This is a heck of a program. Even major orchestra’s rarely perform Mahler. In other words. BE THERE!






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