Please Help!

You are probably aware that Thailand is experiencing a flood disaster of historic proportions.

One half of the whole country has already been heavily damaged or is in imminent danger. It will take years to recover fully.

The human and economic damage is hard to overstate.  Most recently, attention is focused on the drowning of huge industrial estates, but agriculture and human communities are being wiped out wholesale. Almost 300 people are dead, and no one knows how many have been displaced

Flood relief is being organized across the country by many groups, focusing on the immediate needs of people for  shelter, food, and clothing.  The rebuilding in the months (and years) ahead will be even more daunting.

There are many ways for individuals to help.  One effort that you might consider contributing to is being organized by the individuals at the Buddhadasa Indapanno Archive (BiA), sometimes known as “Suan Mokkh Bangkok” in association the Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) and other organizations. These individuals and organization were intimately involved in rebuilding after the 2001 Andaman tsunami under the umbrella of  Save Andaman Network. They have learned the hard way how to manager long term disaster relief effectively.

If you wish to contribute money to the efforts of this group, you may do so by transferring funds to this account:

  • Account name : BIA – Disaster Fund
  • Saving account No: 402-766966-9
  • Bank : Siam Commercial Bank, Energy Complex Branch.
  • Swift Code  (for transfers from outside Thailand:          SICOTHBK

A certificate of donation for tax or other purposes can be provided. Simply fax a copy of the transfer receipt, along with your correct name and mail address  to +66 (0)2-936 2900. A certificate will be sent by post.

In giving to charity, it is  always a concern that the organization be on the up and up and well run. The Hua Hin Arts Guide has worked closely with the BiA and its individual staff over the past year, and have complete faith in their integrity and competence. Please do consider supporting their efforts to rebuild this country. Thank you.

If you like to know more about the BiA and their very beautiful center in Bangkok, there is a nice article in English here.


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