Charity Concert 15 October at Grand Boxing Stadium


Music Party, Weds 7 Sept 4-9 pm

There will be a special, low-season music party at Ray’s Place Restaurant on Wednesday, 7th of September starting a 4 pm and going on ’till whenever. The early starting time allows some of the professional players in town to join us before they have to be at the their gigs.

We did this a time or two before and it works out well. Come and hear some of the best and most sophisticated music you’ll ever hear in Hua Hin. Plenty of food and drink at very reasonable prices!

Ray’s Place is located at the corner of Sra Song and Amnuaysin Roads in downtown Hua Hin. You can get there any number of ways.

* From the downtown traffic light, walk or drive towards the railway station.

* Turn right at the first street.

* Go to the next traffic light. Ray’s is on the right-hand side, behind the police box.

Very close to the night market, the old shopping mall, All in Hua Hin, etc.

Hua Hin Artists Wow Bangkok

Hua Hin’s  Gary Hall has finished a whirlwind tour with Randolf Arriola. The pair’s innovative ‘live looping’ music was very warmly received.

“We accomplished  two important goals.” says Hall. “We introduced audiences and musicians to Live Looping, an amazing  way to perform and compose, and we promoted the idea of Mindfulness with Sound, or ‘Sōta-sati’ for mental self-training.”

The tour started at the Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives (BiA) , where each of three performances was configured to highlight a different instrumentation and musical  approach.

“The BiA is a startlingly beautiful place in one of Bangkok’s hidden garden spots.” says Singaporean Arriola. “Its mission is the promotion of human well-being. To be catalyst for each  listener’s emotional, physical, and spiritual experience is my aim. Playing for dedicated meditators focusing on our sound moment-to-moment was a remarkable experience.”

Arriola and Hall finished their tour with a packed-room performance at Jazz Happens Bar in the Phra Arthit arts district.   “Jazz Happens is currently the city’s top venue for creative and original music in all genres.” says Hall. ” We got an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response.”

Future projects include performance tours in the ASEAN (Southeast Asian) region. Says Hall “The practice of focused listening that we call Mindfulness with Sound or Sōta-Sati (Pali) is a method of mental training that anyone can apply to enhance daily life. In this case, we worked with a Buddhist institution, but the technique can benefit every person.”

Warm thanks are extended to the Buddhadasa Indapanno Archive, Jazz Happens Bar, and Dell Computer Southeast Asia for support that made this lightning tour possible.

Randolf Arriola is a composer, performer, and SE Asia’s leading exponent of live looping as a musical technique. His first CD/DVD will be released in October 2011, with a gala concert at Singapore’s state-of-the-art Esplanade performing arts center. Audio: Video: Randolf Arriola

Gary Hall is a musician and inventor from USA. At Lexicon, Inc in the early ’80s, he created some of the very first digital audio ‘looping’ hardware. His current focus is the use of sound and music in mental training, performing original music weekly in Bangkok and Hua Hin. Audio: Video: Facebook: Gary Hall

Live Looping is a musical technique in which a few bars of music are recorded and repeated, forming a bed for solo material or additional loops. The process is similar to multi-track recording,  but performed in real-time.  Musical material is generally not pre-recorded. Wikipedia:  Facebook: Loopers Delight, Live Looping. Web sites:,

Mindfulness with Sound (Sōta-Sati) is a method of mental cultivation involving musical or non-musical sound. It is an ancient technique, practiced in various contemplative traditions. Modern exponents include Pauline Oliveros, Hazrat Inayat Khan, and Malcolm Huxter. Additional web links:,,

The Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives (BiA)  is a museum, performance venue, and repository for the teachings of Buddhadasa Bhikku,  located at the north end of Suan Wachira Benchatat (Railway Park), adjoining Chatuchak Park and its famous weekend market, a short walk or taxi ride from the Mo Chit BTS Skytrain station. Thai: Facebook: Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives, English:,

Jazz Happens Bar, located near Bangkok’s famous Khaosan Road backpackers district,  specializes in jazz and original music. It was founded in 2008  as  a venue for performance by  students in Silpakorn University’s jazz program. It has since grown into an important center for original music and new artists. Facebook: Jazz Happens Bar

For information and bookings, contact Gary Hall at email or tel. +66 (0)89 181 6328


10th Hua Hin International Jazz Festival, 26-27 August

Hua Hin Jazz Festival 2011

Ten years of jazz on the beach in Hua Hin, this year will be the 10th annual Hua Hin Jazz Festival. The dates for the 2011 Hua Hin Jazz Festival are August 26 – 27, 2011. Venue..Hua Hin Beach , Artist .. Ganesha, Infinity,Jirapan and Blue Shapphire, Maew Jirasak,Ford and Friends, orange pekoe (Japan), Kina Grannis (USA) and P.O.P FREE concert… For more info, visit HuaHinJazzFestival on Facebook

เตรียมตัวของคุณให้พร้อม… กับการกลับมาอีกครั้งของมหกรรมด​นตรีแจ๊ส ครั้งยิ่งใหญ่แห่งปี 26 – 27 สิงหาคม นี้ เสียงคลื่นของหาดหัวหินจะจางหาย​ กลายเป็นเสียงดนตรีแจ๊ส Hua Hin Jazz Festival 2011 ณ บริเวณชายหาดหัวหิน จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์ รวมพลังเพลงจากศิลปินแจ๊สทั่วไท​ ย พร้อมศิลปินแจ๊สระดับโลก… ที่คุณฝันถึง อาทิเช่น Ganesha, Infinity, จิรพรรณ อังศวานนท์ Blue Shapphire, แมว จิรศักด์ ปานพุ่ม, ฟอร์ด สบชัย ไกรยูรเสน, ตุ๊ก วิยะดา โกมารกุล ณ นคร, เกล ดิล่า, อุ้ย รวิวรรณ จินดา, Orange Pekoe, Kina Grannis และ P.O.P งานนี้บอกได้คำเดียวว่า พลาดไม่ได้ Hua Hin Jazz Festival 2011 26-27 สิงหาคมนี้ (รายชื่อศิลปิน อาจมีการเปลี่ยนแปลง) จัดโดย บริษัท บางกอก ฟาร์นาติกซ์ จำกัด

String Orchestra Charity Concert Saturday 20 August

The Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin is pleased to announce a rare classical music concert by the Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music String Orchestra under the baton of M.L. Usni Promoj, on evening of Saturday 20 August at the Hyatt Regency Hua Hin.

The program will include works of Haydn and Benjamin Britten as well as original compositions by the conductor.  Proceeds of the concert will go to support specific projects of the Student Development Projects groups of the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin.

The evening will begin at 6:00 pm with complimentary fine wines and hors d’oeuvres, with the concert beginning at 7:00 pm and running approximately 2 hours.

The ticket price is 1,500 baht. For tickets and reservation, you can call any of the number of emails on the poster: Dieter at 080-650-8140, Linlek at 082-097-8880, Brian at 087-146-3258 or guest services at the Hyatt Regency, 032-521-234, email

Alexander Technique in Hua Hin!

Thought you might like to know that training in this powerful form of bodywork/alternative healing is now available in here Hua Hin. Just the thing to help you tune up and spend the long tropical days to your benefit.

“The Alexander Technique is a method that works to change (movement) habits in our everyday activities. It is a simple and practical method for improving ease and freedom of movement, balance, support and coordination. The technique teaches the use of the appropriate amount of effort for a particular activity, giving you more energy for all your activities.

It is not a series of treatments or exercises, but rather a reeducation of the mind and body. The Alexander Technique is a method which helps a person discover a new balance in the body by releasing unnecessary tension. It can be applied to sitting, lying down, standing, walking, lifting, and other daily activities…”

For more information and an appointment, contact

Where the human machinery is concerned Nature does not work in parts, but treats everything as a whole.”

— F. M. Alexander

Big News! Yale Whiffenpoofs to play Vic Hua Hin Sunday 26 June

Each year 14 of the finest male singers in Yale University‘s senior class are chosen to be members of the Whiffenpoofs, the world’s oldest and best-known a cappella group. Over 100 years after the group’s founding in 1909, the Whiffenpoofs esteem their proud tradition of outstanding musicianship and exceptional entertainment. Each year, the “Whiffs” perform over 200 concerts worldwide at a wide range of venues including large concert halls, private events, country clubs, schools and churches. The Whiffs and their diverse repertoire which includes everything from Yale songs to contemporary pop and jazz favorites – guarantee a dynamic and exciting performance for any audience.

This performance is supported by the United States Embassy Bangkok.
Tickets for 900, 700 and 500 Baht (students 50 % discount) are available at Vic Hua Hin: 032-827-814 to 815.
ขอเชิญชม การแสดง A capella การร้องเพลงประสานเสียงโดยไม่ ต้องมีดนตรี ที่น่าสนใจ และสนุกสนานโดย14 หนุ่ม จาก มหาวิทยาลัย Yale สหรัฐอเมริกา คณะที่มีชื่อเสียง ไปทั่วโลก …รอบเดียวเท่านั้น ณ วิกหัวหิน วันอาทิตย์ที่ 26 มิถุนายน 2554 เวลา 19.30 น บัตร 500 700 900 บาท นักเรียนนักศึกษา ประชาชนชาวหัวหินลด 50% จองบัตรที่ 032 827 814-5
And looking ahead, there will be a special performance of Phra Lor on Saturday 30 July
More informationsm go to Vic Hua Hin’s web site.

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