Weekend School EVERY DAY at Vic Hua Hin!

Whoever heard of a Weekend School that happens every day? Well, that is exactly what they are doing at the Vic Hua Hin through 13 November.

With the Bangkok floods enforcing an extended stay in our fair city for many families, not to mention the high-season crowds starting to gather, there’s a shortage of suitable activities particularly during the week.

So ‘Kru Lek’ Patravadi, with her faculty and staff of Vic Hua Hin and Patravadi High School are stepping in with their unique and wonderful workshops that run every weekend throughout the year. Until 13th November  these will run every day from 10 am to 4 pm with:

  • Art classes including clay sculpture, painting, and batik
  • Acrobat training,
  • Singing and instrumental music
  • Dance, including movement, contemporary dance, and social latin dancing for adults

There’s something for everyone. Minimum age is 4 years. No maximum

Daily Class Schedule (through 13 November):

  • Body Control: 10 am – 11 am:
  • Art Classes (Clay sculpting, painting, batik): 10 am – 4 pm:
  • Acrobat for children: 11 am – 12 am:
  • Singing class for children under 10 years of age: 1 pm – 2 pm:
  • Acrobat for children: 2 pm – 3 pm,
  • Singing class for adults: 3 pm – 4 pm:
  • Latin Dance: Friday 5 pm;  Saturday 10 am and 2 pm; Sunday 10 am.

For More Information

Call 032 827 814-5 or visit http://vichuahin.com for information on the school and the many wonderful performances coming up in the theater in the next two months.

Or just drop in. The Vic is located between central Hua Hin and Khao Tao/Pranburi, just 1/2 kilometer South of the railway overpass, on the right -hand side.

Look for the big black building and you can’t miss. But careful turning into the driveway, though. Cars go fast on that stretch, in both directions.

No matter you are thinking about enjoying arts for fun and pleasure, exposing children to nurture their creative minds, catching glimpses of Thai culture during your trip or aspiring to develop yourself professionally as an artist, Vic Hua Hin Weekend School will be an ideal choice.

Vic Hua Hin Weekend School is founded by Patravadi Mejudhon, guru of performing arts in Thailand, to gather artists and professional teachers from various artistic disciplines and give invaluable knowledge to anyone who interested in the arts. Long-term and short-term courses are available. The School can also create custom programs for your specific needs of individuals or groups.


Introducing the Hua Hin Artists Group

For several years now, the Hua Hin Artists Group has been a major factor in the growth of Hua Hin as a recognized center of visual and peforming arts. A loose affiliation of 19 local artists, under the leadership of Tawee Kesa-Ngam and headquartered at Baan Sillapin, the group has sponsored numerous exhibitions, arts events, and charitable fundraising activities.

Aod Intarasaard

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)85 701 1449


Chawat Muiyabua

tel. (0)84 721 6330


Danaya Boonthassankul

tel. (0)81 494 4047 email: kapong_ja@hotmail.com


Khoonchorn Sethama (Chorn)

tel. (0)89 255 5654



Sahachanat Taguengkorn

tel. tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)85 189 7108


Samphansak Porsakun

tel. (0)86 075 8233 email: tonkhaow_p@yahoo.co.uk


Samrong Junthong

tel. (0)81 006 1612 email: unity_artgallery@yahoo.com



Sawaat Kesa-Ngam

tel. (0)3 253 4830 email: pawalisa@gmail.com



Suphasutha Moonbunjong

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)89 548 5074



Surasak Pharutham

tel. (0)87 028 8791



Tawee Kesa-Ngam

tel. (0)3 253 4830 email: taweeartist@yahoo.co.uk



Tumagon Pichai

tel. (0)85 191 0710 email tumagon@hotmail.com




Varongsan Latthi

tel. (0)85 29 8706 email: gessorn@hotmail.com


Wanida Suwansa

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)84 570 3067



Wanwimol Kesa-Ngam (Nang)

tel. (0)3 253 4830 email wanwimol@yahoo.com



Warapol Moonbunjong

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)89 520 9220 email: suphawara@gmail.com


Weerapong Mongkol

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)83 843 3691 email 083 843 3691



Wetchayan Unhasuwan

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)81 943 1338



Wiroj Nakharat

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)89 454 3698

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