Donation for Flood Relief by PayPal

My friends with the BiA Disaster Fund are now able to receive donations by PayPal (and hence all major credit cards) at email address <>

If you read this posting before, note that the original email (with spelling error) has been replaced.

All contributions are deeply appreciated. If you need print documentation, just send your name and mailing address.


Fringe Festival 2011 Hua Hin and Bangkok Programs

Here’s the latest schedule of shows at Vic Hua Hin and Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok during the Fringe Festival 2011.

Here are some links for information on the individual shows. Have a look. There’s some exciting stuff here. (German)

Hua Hin Ensemble at Market Village

The Hua Hin Ensemble, Hua Hin’s own home-grown jazz band, are performing nightly at the Market Village Shopping Center through Sunday, 26 September4-8 pm in conjunction with the Eat Shellfish in Hua Hin Festival (งานกินหอยที่หัวหิน).

Introducing the Hua Hin Artists Group

For several years now, the Hua Hin Artists Group has been a major factor in the growth of Hua Hin as a recognized center of visual and peforming arts. A loose affiliation of 19 local artists, under the leadership of Tawee Kesa-Ngam and headquartered at Baan Sillapin, the group has sponsored numerous exhibitions, arts events, and charitable fundraising activities.

Aod Intarasaard

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)85 701 1449


Chawat Muiyabua

tel. (0)84 721 6330


Danaya Boonthassankul

tel. (0)81 494 4047 email:


Khoonchorn Sethama (Chorn)

tel. (0)89 255 5654



Sahachanat Taguengkorn

tel. tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)85 189 7108


Samphansak Porsakun

tel. (0)86 075 8233 email:


Samrong Junthong

tel. (0)81 006 1612 email:



Sawaat Kesa-Ngam

tel. (0)3 253 4830 email:



Suphasutha Moonbunjong

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)89 548 5074



Surasak Pharutham

tel. (0)87 028 8791



Tawee Kesa-Ngam

tel. (0)3 253 4830 email:



Tumagon Pichai

tel. (0)85 191 0710 email




Varongsan Latthi

tel. (0)85 29 8706 email:


Wanida Suwansa

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)84 570 3067



Wanwimol Kesa-Ngam (Nang)

tel. (0)3 253 4830 email



Warapol Moonbunjong

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)89 520 9220 email:


Weerapong Mongkol

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)83 843 3691 email 083 843 3691



Wetchayan Unhasuwan

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)81 943 1338



Wiroj Nakharat

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)89 454 3698

Artist Profile: Tawee Kesa-Ngam

'Lotus Pond' by Tawee Kesa-Ngam, 2008 Watercolor on paper 100x200 cm

Tawee Kesa-Ngam (ทวี เกษางาม) is the founder and president of the Hua Hin Artists Group and Director of Baan Sillapin Artists Village. He is a very well-known artist in Thailand, and his large watercolor works are rarely available because of strong demand.



Name: Tawee Kesa-Ngam


Date and Place of Birth: 28 February 1965, Ubon Ratchathani

Nationality: Thai

Education: Faculty of Applied and Fine Arts, Chulalongkorn University

Studio: Baan Sillapin Hua Hin, 81 Moo 14 Hin-Lek-Fai, Hua Hin, Prachuabkhirikhan 77110

Associations: Hua Hin Artist Group

Contact: tel. 032 534 830, 089 069 0896 email.

'Distractions' by Tawee Kesa-Ngam, 2008 Watercolor and Acrylic on Paper, 115x115 cm.

'Subconscious by Tawee Kesa-Ngam, 2008 Watercolor and Acrylic on Paper 115x115 cm.

Welcome to the Hua Hin Arts Guide!

You’ve found it! The definitive guide to quality entertainment and fine arts in and around Hua Hin, Thailand! If you live in Hua Hin, or have visited recently, you know that our little city has become a vibrant and recognized center of music, theatre, dance, and visual arts.

If not, read on! Things have gotten really lively here!