Music Party, Weds 7 Sept 4-9 pm

There will be a special, low-season music party at Ray’s Place Restaurant on Wednesday, 7th of September starting a 4 pm and going on ’till whenever. The early starting time allows some of the professional players in town to join us before they have to be at the their gigs.

We did this a time or two before and it works out well. Come and hear some of the best and most sophisticated music you’ll ever hear in Hua Hin. Plenty of food and drink at very reasonable prices!

Ray’s Place is located at the corner of Sra Song and Amnuaysin Roads in downtown Hua Hin. You can get there any number of ways.

* From the downtown traffic light, walk or drive towards the railway station.

* Turn right at the first street.

* Go to the next traffic light. Ray’s is on the right-hand side, behind the police box.

Very close to the night market, the old shopping mall, All in Hua Hin, etc.