Thai Popular Music in Hua Hin

Hua Hin has a substantial scene of Thai popular music. There are a number of live music clubs that serve the local population and visitors from Bangkok (of which there are more and more all the time). In addition, we have one festival (Honda Summer Fest) that features major name bands from the Bangkok music machine, plus several multi-day local fair-type events that feature more or less name entertainment each night. Plus, most of the major Thai music clubs host concerts a few times a year with big name band (big to a Thai audience at least). And, oh yes, there’s an outdoor show at the beach every Friday. If you enjoy Thai pop, you won’t go wanting.

If You Like That Sort of Thing….

Of course, if you’re reading this in English you may be wondering why you would care about Thai popular music at all. Most visitors hear bits and pieces of Thai pop on the stereo, etc., and often don’t form an immediate affection for it. Of course there’s the language barrier. Like most Western pop music (outside of dance music), Thai songs invest their meaning and popularity in the way that words and music work together. “Wonderful Tonight”, for example, would just not be wonderful if you had not idea what the lyrics were saying. Nor would there be much of appeal in a recitation of the lyric by itself. Pop music anywhere is a combination. When half of it is opaque to you, well, it’s just harder to get into it.

Also, much of the music heard on radio and TV (and in karaoke bars) comes from some very formulaic genres within the broader world of Thai popular music, and not very impressive as a first listening experience. Not to mention the silly dance routines that accompany so many pop tunes on TV shows. All in all, the initial experience of most farang with Thai pop is likely to be less that salubrious.

All we can say to that is: There’s a lot more going on in Thai music today (and in past) than you may be aware of. There are lots of different genres in Thai music, and many wonderful songs. Plus, it you like to hear a good band playing there hearts out, many of the best musicians in Hua Hin are playing in Thai club bands.

So our suggestion is: Get out there and give it a try. You might find a whole new world. Or at least some additional options in your live music diet here.


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