Hua Hin Artists and Sculptors

Aod Intarasaard

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)85 701 1449




Chawat Muiyabua

tel. (0)84 721 6330




Danaya Boonthassankul

tel. (0)81 494 4047 email:



Khoonchorn Sethama (Chorn)

tel. (0)89 255 5654




Sahachanat Taguengkorn

tel. tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)85 189 7108



Samphansak Porsakun

tel. (0)86 075 8233 email:



Samrong Junthong

tel. (0)81 006 1612 email:




Sawaat Kesa-Ngam

tel. (0)3 253 4830 email:




Suphasutha Moonbunjong

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)89 548 5074





Surasak Pharutham

tel. (0)87 028 8791




Tawee Kesa-Ngam

tel. (0)3 253 4830 email:




Tumagon Pichai

tel. (0)85 191 0710 email




Varongsan Latthi

tel. (0)85 29 8706 email:



Wanida Suwansa

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)84 570 3067





Wanwimol Kesa-Ngam (Nang)

tel. (0)3 253 4830 email



Warapol Moonbunjong

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)89 520 9220 email:



Weerapong Mongkol

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)83 843 3691 email 083 843 3691




Wetchayan Unhasuwan

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)81 943 1338



Wiroj Nakharat

tel. (0)3 253 4830, (0)89 454 3698


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lucy palmer
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 18:02:09

    To whom it concerns, My husband I had our honeymoon in Hua Hin in March 2011 and bought as reminder of our wonderful start to our wedding a beautiful painting. Unfortunately we have just moved house and we can not find our painting anywhere. We cant remember the artist : but he was in a little shop which was on a road that lead to the rocky outcrops on the beach (there was a path that lead ontop of the rocks overlooking the beach and there was a temple along the path). There was also a small kiosk along this path. I think the address was Hua Hin 35. We would love to contact the artist and arrange to buy another painting. The artist drew abstract paintings from the surroundings – usually using vivid colours. Our painting was red and gold and had monks and fishing boats etc. He did not paint the typical touristy paintings. The artist is online and gave us a card – however this was placed in the tube with the painting which has now been lost. Any help you can provide in tracking down this artist is greatly appreciated as the painting means a lot to us.


    • Sirichana Sawangnate
      May 22, 2012 @ 23:46:00

      Dear Lucy Palmer,
      If you could upload a photo giving us a glimpse of the lost painting, that would be really helpful. There’re so many talented painters in this district. As far as I remember, Hua Hin artists (both musicians and painters) have been integrated well, and set up a club or a society for artists in the district. If someone passes by and could remember the painting style, it would ring a bell. I’m also leaving a message in Thai so that any Thai people would readily understand what/who you’re looking for.


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