News Flash! Annual Art Market begins at Baan Sillapin Art Center

After two full years without posting, we are back! And the big news that’s brought us out of our shell is the opening of the annual Art Marketplace at the vastly expanded Baan Sillapin Art Center (known also as Hua Hin Artist Village) just up the hill from midtown Hua Hin. If you’ve not visited this wonderful public center, or if you haven’t been there in a while, you owe it to yourself to go. The place has changed immensely and is positively humming with life and fun for everyone.


As it has been for many years, the Baan Sillapin Art Center is a leafy oasis on the outskirts of booming Hua Hin where everyone can get away from the hustle and bustle, enjoy cool mountain air and relax with great art and wonderful people. Not to mention the best coffee around.

For many years, the Artist Village has been known as a sleepy, semi-private reserve that didn’t go out of its way in attracting visitors.  A relatively small number of seasonal and full-time residents have always known it as the premier place for training in art and crafts under the wonderful Kru Nang Kesa-Ngam. All of that has changed, and the Baan Sillapin Art Center is ready to take its place among the area’s must-see attractions.

Nangs ArtYard: Art for Everyone!

To start with, Kru Nang’s original small classroom has expanded hugely with new staff and a full art supply shop to serve children and adults of all ages. You can visit it on Facebook as Nangs ArtYard, and you and your family can spend many happy hours when you go there. Even if you’ve never dreamed of it before, you can be making your own original art from the first hour. There’s no schedule, and the costs are beyond reasonable.


Nang and her staff have developed the gift of working with each student exactly where that person is ready to be.  Just come, sit down, and before you know it you’ll be happily on your way! Also, children absolutely love it! You can leave your little ones at the ArtYard in confidence that they are safely occupiedunder adult supervision and having the time of their lives. In other words, fun for children of all ages!

Galleries and Artist Studios

Of course, an Art Center is all about art and artists and Baan Sillapin has a huge variety of art galleries and working studios.

TaweeArt_141213_01The main hall at Baan Sillapin exhibits world-class art from members of the Hua Hin Artist Group and other artists from all over the world.  A rustic building houses the magnificent collection antiques inherited from Khun Chumpon, the original founder and benefactor of the Artist Village.

Besides these principal galleries, Baan Sillaping hosts more than 20 working studios of individual artists. In these facilities, you can meet the artist, often see them at work and of course view and purchase their work.


Besides art of every kind, the Baan Sillapin Art Center now has a number of individual shops selling clothing, jewlery, and souvenir items. During the month-long Art Market, the offerings are expanded further with various ‘gypsy’ vendors putting into the Baan Sillapin port-of-call.


Eating, Drinking, and More!

The opportunities for food and drink  at the Artist Village have expanded greatly. The centerpiece is the Cup By Cup coffee shop in the middle of the ‘main plaza’ . With lots of seating around that area (and elsewhere in the complex), it’s a great way to while away the hours.


Between Nangs ArtYard and the  famous Clay Houses, you will find Jiab’s Kitchen serving well-known Thai dishes lovingly prepared and served. During the Art Market, additional vendors are offering traditional snacks as well as beer and wine. No one needs to go hungry or thirsty!

As if that’s not enough, you can also get a fine massage in an air-conditioned shop. Highly recommended is the 30-minute ‘relaxer’ foot massage at just 100 baht!

Getting to Baan Sillapin

The Baan Sillapin Artist Village is located just 4km from the center of Hua Hin on the main road that leads West from the city. (This road continues on to Wat Huay Mongkol with it’s giant monk statue, Hua Hin Vinyards, Pala U waterfall and other attractions. So you can make a great day of it.)



Punchline Comedy Club at Hot Property, April 21

Happy New Years! Hua Hin Arts Guide will go to sleep now…

Hi  everyone. I hope you have had and will have a wonderful New Year’s and a great, great year in 2011. It’s with highlly mixed feelings that I have to say “arrivederci” for the Hua Hin Arts Guide.

Developments in my own artistic life have led to a terrific opportunity for me to compose and perform original music, and I’m throwing myself in wholeheartedly. I no longer will have the time available to gather the information and update the site on any kind of regular basis. I may be able to post from time to time, but I cannot ensure that the listings stay up to date. I have to say, it’s taken up much more than I would have thought when I started

I would love to see the Arts Guide carry on, though. If there’s anyone out there who would like to take on the job of mainting the site and its listings, please feel free to contact me at I will be happy to hand it off to any motivated person.

Looking ahead, in 2011 there are a few events you should be looking forward to:

* Fringe Festival at Vic Hua Hin, weekends in February. The exact program is not yet available. Watch

* Summer Music School final concerts at Dusit Thani in April. See recent post for the specifics.

* 10th Hua Hin International Jazz Festival in June. The festival has had its ups and downs, but last year’s was very good with banner names such as Lee Ritenour. We can hope for a continuing upward curve.

* Any show at Vic Hua Hin on a Saturday night.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!
Gary Hall, the Hua Hin Arts Guide

New Venue! Baan Sri Kaow Restaurant announces jazz show on 2 October

Baan Sri Kaow (the White House) Restaurant will host the band of Mr. Sompop (Khun Moo) on Saturday 2 October. Khun Moo is first trumpet for the Bangkok Philharmonic, ‘moonlighting’ as a jazz pianist with his own group. I

Ban Sri Kaow (aka Jan Suai) has prepared a package with a set menu of great fresh Mediterranean cuisine. For 900 baht, you get one drink dinner and what promises to be a fine jazz concert.

The menu is as follows. – Parma ham and melon – Spinach soup – Grilled fish fillet or cutlets of lamb with garlic and herbs served with rice pilaf and green salad – Mixed fresh fruits jelly with lemon Sorbets

Baan Sri Kaow is located at 17/49 Petchkasem Road, between sois 77 and 79 on the south end of town near Market Village. Music starts at 18:40 hrs.; dinner is at 19:30 hrs.; the show resumes at 20:30 hrs.. Space is limited, so call for reservations at 081-553-1959, 089-110-8453.

Wan Restaurant offers live music, Monday 27 September

Scandinavian-born Terrence Newborne, will perform solo piano at “Wan Restaurant“, from 5 to 7 pm, Monday 27 September. Jazz Classics, Evergreens, ballads and blues.

Wan Restaurant is located at 38/34 Hin Lek Fai road, off of Soi 88.

To get there:
1. Go south from Hua Hin train station about 1 km.
2. Take the railway crossing at Soi 88.
2. Take the road to the right, following as it bends left, then straight.
3. Go about 1,5 km, passing a 7/11 and a Family Mart
4. Turn right at Hin Lek Fai Road, where a sign points to Chom Dong Villa.
5. Go 60 yards/metres, and it’s on the left.
Cheap excellent thai and western food, and inexpensive beer. Welcome!